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2017 Adviser of the Year

May 4, 2020 1:46:43 PM

A Revolutionary Thinker

2017 adviser of the year picture

Employee Benefit Adviser of the Year Mick Rodgers makes his
mark as creator of healthcare coalitions and advocate of total
transparency around broker-adviser compensation.

Originally published in the September 2017 issue of Employee Benefits Adviser Magazine.

Leaders don’t stand back and wait to react. Instead, they are forging a path forward with their innovative ideas and unique approach to the market. Chosen by the editorial team after a month-long online nomination process, and sponsored by ADP, Employee Benefit Adviser’s Advisers of the Year — in the categories of Retirement, Technology, Voluntary, Wellness and overall winner — are not waiting to solve today’s pressing issues. They’re growing retirement plan participation. They’re creating new ben admin systems. They’re teaching the importance of supplemental benefits. They’re tackling physical and mental health obstacles. And they’re putting their own compensation on the line to ensure employers find real, measurable value in their work. 

It’s fitting that Michael “Mick” Rodgers works in an area teeming with historic significance dating back to the Revolutionary War. His own radical thinking as managing partner of Axial Benefits Group (ABG) in the Boston suburbs has earned him the top honor of EBA’s 2017 Adviser of the Year.

Rodgers is widely respected for his unbridled commitment to staring down rising healthcare premium increases on behalf of mid-market employer clients, as well as bravely advocating total transparency around broker compensation to a point where he puts part of his own fee at  risk.

The former engineer boasts eye-popping results to back that reputation. Per employee per year costs for proprietary healthcare purchasing coalitions he created are nearly half the national average. His firm’s revenue also doubled last year. Such success has led to numerous speaking engagements and a new book he co-authored for CFOs and HR professionals, Breaking through the Status Quo: How Companies Are Changing the Benefits Game to Help Their Employees and Boost their Bottom Line.

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Mick Rodgers
Written by Mick Rodgers

Mick Rodgers is the Managing Partner of Axial Benefits Group (ABG) and Founder of the Alliance Healthcare Coalition (AHC), a nationwide healthcare purchasing coalition. Mick has been called a pioneer and a disrupter, but has always had a focus on disintermediation. He received the prestigious “Adviser of the Year” award from Employee Benefits Adviser Magazine in 2017, as well as the 2018 "Leadership Award" from the Association for Insurance Leadership.