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Integration of HSA with 401(k) Educators

Jul 23, 2020 1:43:14 PM

With Pre-renewal and planning meetings upon us, we have been fielding many questions on how to integrate an HSA with the company 401k.


Why should your employer HSA and 401(k) be integrated?

In the latest installment of Axial Benefits Group's interview series, Mick Rodgers, Managing Partner of Axial Benefits Group interviews Jeff Sutton and Rich Sotell of the Kraematon group. Jeff and Rich are experts in the 401(k) field and discuss with Mick why employer HSA's and 401(k)'s should be integrated.

If you would like to watch a specific question instead of the full video you can click on the below:

What is an HSA, and what is the mystery or confusion about them?

From the Employee and Employer Standpoint: What kind of government incentives does the employee get?

Should employees just put the deductible amount into this account and should they consider other options?

Why aren't these plans more widely utilized by plan participants?

If you have questions on HSA and 401(k) integration please reach out to Mick Rodgers at or Jeff Sutton at


Mick Rodgers
Written by Mick Rodgers

Mick Rodgers is the Managing Partner of Axial Benefits Group (ABG) and Founder of the Alliance Healthcare Coalition (AHC), a nationwide healthcare purchasing coalition. Mick has been called a pioneer and a disrupter, but has always had a focus on disintermediation. He received the prestigious “Adviser of the Year” award from Employee Benefits Adviser Magazine in 2017, as well as the 2018 "Leadership Award" from the Association for Insurance Leadership.